sexta-feira, abril 20, 2007

Apelo humanitário!

Chegou à caixa de entrada do meu correio electrónico este e-mail difundido pelo Gabinete de Relações Internacionais da Ordem dos Enfermeiros:

"Brussels, 19th April 2007, for immediate release
A humanitarian appeal for the five Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor: bring them home!

On the initiative of the
European Movement International, with the support of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament (EP) and with the participation of all the main political groups in the EP, a press conference took place today to launch a humanitarian appeal to bring home the five Bulgarian nurses and a the Palestinian doctor detained in Libya and alleviate the tragic situation of the HIV/AIDS-infected children in Benghazi hospital.
“Our message is simple: bring them home!” stated Pat Cox, the President of the European Movement International in his opening remarks at the press conference. “We have today a duty of solidarity with our fellow European citizens that have been detained for more than 8 years.”
“We need to cut the blizzard of resolutions and bring them home.”
“Our appeal is to public opinion in particular and not just to public authorities. It is a humanitarian appeal, concern for the 426 Libyan children infected with HIV/AIDS in Benghazi, for the 53 who have died and for their families. It is a humanitarian appeal for the five Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor,” concluded Cox.
The press conference hosted four relatives of the Bulgarian nurses, whose message was equally clear. According to Marijan Georgiev, the son of the released doctor Zdravko Georgiev, the EU should step up its political pressure on Libya and reassure European citizens that EU institutions do care about them.
All the main political groups from the EP sent representatives to the press conference who expressed their readiness to join the appeal and urged for action.
In parallel to the press conference, a coalition of Bulgarian media and international NGOs has launched the international campaign Ne ste sami / You are not alone ( (...)"

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