terça-feira, outubro 06, 2009

O histórico ponto de viragem...

"Prime minister Gordon Brown [Inglaterra] has launched the first full-scale review of nursing care for nearly 40 years." link
"The Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery explicitly aims to help put nurses in control of services and the direction of policy. It is a recognition of the government's belief that nursing is the most ‘forward thinking’ group of healthcare professionals." link
"Nurses must unleash their untapped potential to transform quality of care, according to a vision on the future of the profession unveiled by the Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery.
The commission has published a statement calling for nurses to take “centre stage” in health leadership and policy making (...).
It says: “Nurses and Midwives will take centre stage in health leadership, delivering efficient and effective healthcare, policy-making, service design, service management, education and research.”
" link

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